What is the best Lawn Mower to Buy?

May 1, 2020 0 By Maisie Maude
What is the best Lawn Mower to Buy

Which type of lawn mower is best for my garden?

If you have a garden lawn, you will need to cut and maintain it because although the wild meadow look is attractive up to a point, it will become unmanageable and unusable if you leave it too long. Leaving the lawn to just grow is not a good look and it will make your entire property look unkempt and uncared for.

There are numerous different types of lawn mower on the market, and the one that will best suit your needs largely depends upon the size of your garden. So let’s take a further look to see what’s out there.

Electric Garden Strimmer

An electric garden strimmer is ideal for the smallest gardens and is very versatile for cutting the lawn, edging and keeping weeds down.  A strimmer cuts by the use of a nylon line that spins at high speed, cutting everything that it comes in contact with. Strimmer’s usually have to be plugged into to the electricity supply but you can buy cordless models as well. 

For small gardens and driveways an electric strimmer can be enough to fulfil all your lawn moving needs. It enables you to get into tight corners and it is very easy and convenient to use, although not usually powerful enough to mow a large garden. In addition you will break the nylon line if you try and cut strong weeds growth and big clumps of grass. It is however a very economical solution to grass cutting. Many people use a strimmer for putting the finishing touches to a manicured lawn but if you have a small lawn you may find it enough for all your grass cutting needs.


  • Strimmer’s are very inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Great for getting into tight areas, edging and corners.


  • Not designed for mowing
  • If you use it too hard, the line will keep breaking

Manual Push Lawn Mower

A manual push lawn mower is the traditional lawn mower that doesn’t require a power source, apart from your muscle power, so this option is clean and green and economical and it keeps you fit as well.  It cuts with a rotating blade cylinder which slices the grass in a scissor type action and is gentle on your grass as it does not cause additional bruising or damage.

If you have a small lawn this type of lawn mower can be a great option although it won’t be suitable for tight areas or corners and it won’t be able to cut if the lawn is too uneven or bumpy.

A great point about the manual push mover is that it gives fantastic results and if you fancy a striped premier league football pitch effect, you can get it easily with a manual push mower. A manual push mower is cheaper to buy than electric of petrol mowers and will last for decades if you keep it rust free.


  • Economical
  • Long lasting
  • Gets great results without damaging the lawn
  • Ecological


  • You have to push it yourself so may not suit you if you have a large lawn
  • Will not work very well if your lawn is bumpy or uneven

Hover mower

It’s less bother with a hover as an old advertising slogan used to say and there is a lot of truth in this. A hover mower is an electric tool that cuts the grass from above using a rotating cutting disc or blade creating a cushion of air, as it mows. Because of this a hover mower is easy to use and very manoeuvrable while it is plugged in. With a hover mower you can get into tight corners as it glides over the lawn and it is also adaptable to cutting lawns on uneven or bumpy surfaces.  If you have a small or medium sized garden and you are looking for an easy lightweight way of cutting the lawn, a hover mower can be a great option. You won’t get the “Wembley finish” but you will have neatly cut grass!


  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal of uneven surfaces and for getting into tight areas
  • Lightweight to use when switched on


  • Although a hover mower is lightweight when switched on, they can be surprisingly cumbersome to move when unplugged as they do not have wheels
  • Only powered by electric.
  • The plastic blades are easy to break.

Electric Rotary mower

An electric rotary lawn mower has a single rotating blade positioned under the lawn mower and is ideal for cutting all types of grass on all types of surfaces. This is the most common lawnmower design and is ideal for all sizes of garden.  It  is the type of mower you are most likely to see and hear when the neighbours are out mowing the lawn.

An electric rotary mower does need to be plugged into the mains so you do need to check that you have enough cabling. These days they do come fully fitted with circuit breakers so you will not be electrocuted if you accidently cut into the cable – it is important to check this, before you use.

You can also buy cordless electric rotary mowers but they are more expensive.


  • Very efficient lawn mower
  • Easy to operate
  • Noisy


  • You need to check your mower is fitted with a circuit breaker
  • Does not get into corners or tight spaces
  • You do need to ensure you can plug it in and that you have sufficient cable.

Petrol or diesel rotary mower.

This option is best for mowing large areas because you are not restricted by the length of the cable, so it is the type most used by landscapers and professional gardeners. You don’t really need a petrol mower for the average sized garden but if you do have a larger property and lots of land, this can be a good option.


  • You don’t have to worry about finding a power supply or cable
  • Can be heavy duty and can manage all types of terrain
  • Easy to use


  • Noisy and creates fumes so not very environmentally sound
  • Can be expensive
  • Will not get into tight corners.

Ride on mower

If you have a big area to cover, a ride on mower can turn a chore into a fun activity as you travel around your grounds cutting the grass as you go.  A ride on mower can run on petrol or diesel, depending on the model and if you have more than an acre to mow, it is the only realistic option.  Many councils and landscapers use a ride on mower because it is the only way to manage large grassy areas within a limited space of time.


  • Only practical solution for mowing large areas of lawn
  • Fun to use
  • Makes mowing large areas very fast


  • Ride on mowers are expensive, starting at around £1000 for a basic model
  • Unnecessary for many gardens
  • Noisy and creates fumes

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