What is the best collection of Gardening tools to own

April 26, 2020 0 By Maisie Maude
What are the best gardening tools to own

Choosing the right gardening tools for the job!

Caring for your garden and making it as beautiful as possible requires some hard work and dedication.  And even though you may have green fingers, choosing the right tools for the job is not only essential, it makes life much easier as well. From planting to watering, pruning and garden maintenance, there is always a job that needs doing in the garden.

Check out our short guide to garden tools to find out more.

Hoses and Accessories

Watering your garden is so much easier with a garden hose because otherwise you have to resort to a watering can. There is nothing wrong with doing this but it does make the job much more time consuming and if you have a large garden, it can be impossible to keep up with the task especially in hot or dry weather.

There are many different types of hoses and accessories available. The key decision is to buy the one that is long enough to cover your garden comfortably.

Garden hoses generally start at 10 metres length, going up to around 40 metres and they fit on a reel for easy storage.

 In addition there are many different types available such as sprinkler hoses, which can be set to water the garden automatically throughout the day, or a soaker hose that delivers a continuous supply of water and is regulated by an automatic timer.

However for most people, a standard garden hose on a reel is the most usual watering solution. Most hoses come with a head that enables you to set the desired water flow, choosing settings that range from a light misting of water to a strong torrent.  Alternatively you can buy this as an accessory.

When you buy a garden hose you need to be mindful of your water supply and tap so buying the correct adaptor is crucial. You will need a tap connector for the tap and an end connector for the hose, to make this possible. These are available in all sizes and are suitable for all different types of tap whether it is an outside tap or an indoors tap in the sink or a basin. .

Shovels and Spades

A shovel and a spade may sound like the same thing but these two different tools have slightly different purposes.  Essentially a spade is used only for digging whereas a shovel is generally used for breaking up rubbish and clearing it away.

A shovel has concave or bowl type shape blade with a curved or pointed tip that is fitted on a long wooden handle , longer than that of a spade  This is because a shovel is designed to be used for clearing areas and the extra handle length makes it easier to get more leverage. 

The shape of the shovel blade makes it perfect for turning over and breaking up soil.  The larger head means that it is ideal for clearing away rubbish or garden waste because the shovel has a larger capacity for carrying.  So if you had to move a quantity of manure or rubble for example, using a shovel would be much easier than using a spade.

By contrast the spade has a shorter handle than the shovel and the head is flat with a sharp straightened edge. A spade is ideal for slicing through roots and is ideal for digging, for moving soil and other loose material in the garden.

Every gardener needs a spade but may not necessarily need a shovel.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears or secateurs are a type of scissors that are designed to be used on plants so that you can prune or cut back growth. Pruning shears are an essential part of any gardening toolkit because they enable you to prune without causing excessive damage to the tree or shrub. To prune safely, always ensure that the blades are sharp and clean in order to avoid causing damage or introducing infection to the wood.

Pruning shears can vary a great deal depending on their strength and quality. Cheap secateurs are very easy to break, especially if you try to cut through growth that is just too strong and big for the blades so buying good quality pruners and using them correctly is always the best option


 A garden fork has many purposes. You can use it to turn over earth without damaging roots and plants.  It is also ideal for lifting out clumps of weeds or grass because it helps you leave the soil in place.  You can use a garden fork for separating clumps of plants such as perennials and using a fork is a good way to add manure or compost to an area because it enables you to open the surface of the soil without causing damage.

Every gardener needs a fork in their shed. There are different types available for different purposes, such as a digging fork – ideal for vegetable growers or turning over light soil, or an especially designed potato fork. But for most people a general garden fork can be used for all purposes.  Always go for a quality make because your garden fork will get a lot of use and poorer quality forks are easy to bend out of shape.

Gardening Trowels

A gardening trowel is a hand sized tool with a pointed scoop shape blade that enables you to carry out many important jobs in the garden such as planting, potting, digging small holes and weeding.

Whatever the size of your garden – whether you have only a couple of window boxes or a country estate, you will always need a decent trowel.  This humble tool is indispensable to the gardener because it has so many different uses, in the garden, the greenhouse or for planting out your hanging baskets, bulbs or seeds.

Garden trowels often have a metal blade and a wooden handle but you can buy them in plastic too. You do tend to get what you pay for , so it is always worth choosing better quality over cheap because it will be easier to use and will be longer lasting.

Hedge Shears

If you want to keep your hedges and shrubs in your garden looking neat, hedge shears will help you keep them under control.  Hedge shears look like giant scissors and can be used for cutting through stems of growth on your hedges or plants.  They can also be used for deadheading fast growing plants much faster than you could do it with secateurs.

Because hedge shears are designed for cutting back large areas, the blades are generally around 20cm to 30cm long. These can be straight or alternatively have a wavy blade that enables you to grip the plant without slipping.

Hedge shears are ideal when you want to get some control into your shaping, such as with topiary and although an electric hedge strimmer is fast, it does not give you the accuracy that you can obtain by using this hand tool.

Hedge shears are not designed to cut through wood and if you use them like this you will damage the blades.  As with all garden tools buying good quality hedge shears and ensuring that you maintain and store them in good condition will prolong their life span.

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