What Different Types of Fencing Is There?

May 7, 2020 0 By Maisie Maude
What Different Types of Fencing Is There?

Different types of fencing

Fencing is an important part of your outside space. It marks your boundaries, provides privacy and shelter and enables you to keep children and animals safe within your property. The type of fencing you require will depend upon your individual needs and your budget, but the good news is that erecting the right fence is not overly expensive and you have plenty of choice.

One of the most popular types of fencing is the solid wood fence which is constructed from panels and is typically about 6ft tall. This is great for maintaining privacy in your garden and can also provide protection against the wind.  There are a few different types of fencing in this category.

Waney Edge Fence Panels

These types of fence panels have horizontal wooden slats with a slightly waved edge plus 3 or 4 vertical battens per fence panel to hold them in place and to provide additional support.  Waney Edge fence panels have a natural look – the wave edge is because the slats have been cut straight from the tree and they often retain tree bark so it can look less regimented than other options.  The slats overlap making it secure and this type of fence is great for privacy.

Waney edge fence panels are inexpensive, compared to other options and you can expect to pay around £28 per panel. You will need to add the cost of the fence posts to this figure. We will look at fence posts later in the article.

Overlap Fence Panels

Not much difference between overlap fences or waney edge fence panels apart from the fact that the horizontal wooden slats are finished with a straight edge so the overall effect can be neater and smarter. There are no particular benefits of one over another – it just comes down to personal taste.

Close board Fencing

This option is also constructed from wooden panels but with close board fencing the slats are vertical rather than horizontal. This type of fencing is stronger than Waney edge model as it is less likely to blow down in strong winds.  Close board fencing is a good mid budget option for back gardens and is robust enough to stand some fairly heavy treatment from the weather, children or animals.

Other Fence Panel Options

All wooden fence panels conform to the same basic idea of a ready made panel with either vertical or horizontal slats. However there is a pretty wide range of choices and designs, including curved tops and trellis features which are very attractive.  Check out your local DIY or garden centre to find more fence panel designs.

Fence posts

If you are fitting fence panels you will need fence posts as support and for this you have two choices; wood or concrete. There are pros and cons to each.

Concrete fence posts require minimal maintenance, are strong and durable and can make your fence much more likely to withstand high winds. The downsides are that they are more expensive to buy than wooden fence posts, more labour intensive to fit and many people do not like their appearance.

Wooden fence posts are far more attractive. They are easy to fit because they are much lighter and they are not as expensive as concrete posts. The downsides;  they may not be as long lasting , especially if you fail to treat them with a wood preservative and they may not be as secure as concrete posts.

Fencing does not have to be just for security or privacy reasons and you don’t always need high fence to enclose your property.  That said you may still need to mark your boundary.

Picket Fence

A picket fence is a low wooden fence with an open slatted design. Many people use this type of fence in the front garden and it can also be used within back gardens to break up areas – such as to keep animals out of the veg garden or simply to make a decorative feature such as a flower border.

Picket fencing is available in a wide choice of sizes and designs. For the front garden this type of fencing looks really attractive and reminiscent of a country cottage. Picket fencing can also provide a secure barrier – it is available in high sizes so it can be a good option if security is an issue but you don’t want to block out the light. However the most popular type picket fence is usually waist height and features either a rounded or pointed top on each of the upright slats.

As with all types of fence panelling you will need to fit fence posts. These are often provided as part of a picket fence kit when you buy.

Decorative Fencing

Fencing is not just about security. Sometimes you may want to mark your boundary, add a decorative division in your garden or make a private area or windbreak. For this you have a wide range of choices, including bamboo fencing – which comes on a roll and creates a fun tropical ambience, decorative lattice panels which are great for providing a back drop to a border and many other choices.

Traditional Willow Fencing

Also known as hurdle fencing or weave fencing, these days this type of traditional fencing largely comes under the decorative heading.  However it is important to remember that farmers have used willow fencing since the dawn of history and it is a fantastic eco friendly option that is already seeing a comeback as we all search for ways to become more green.

Willow fencing is constructed from coppiced hazel and willow trees. These slender twigs and small branches called wands are interwoven creating a strong durable structure that will last for years.  This type on fencing is the most attractive fencing option as it blends in with the natural environment. In an urban setting it can help create a more natural looking environment. Willow fencing panels are not suitable for all purposes and they are expensive but they will add interest and beauty to any garden.

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