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Paradise Tree Surgeons and Landscaping

Tree Surgeons Blackheath – Call Paradise 020 3137 4996. If you’re looking for the best gardening services in Blackheath, you’ve come to the right place. Blackheath Tree Surgeons provides a number of top notch gardening services, which enhance the quality of your garden and improve its looks. Paradise Tree Care is your one-stop solution for all gardening service-related requirements.

A well-maintained garden, and there are some beautiful gardens in Blackheath Park, Liskeard Gardens and Morden Road, can improve your state of mind to a considerable extent. There is a sense of tranquility and peace that envelopes us upon entering a beautiful garden. However, to maintain such a place of beauty is no easy task. But you can engage the services of an expert team like Blackheath Tree Surgeons and rest assured, that you will have a lovely garden by the time we’re done with it.

What services are covered under Gardening Services?

There are a number of gardening services that Tree Surgeons Blackheath offer. They include:

Grass cutting

Our well-trained team will cut and mow your lawn’s grass to perfection. Having a properly mowed lawn can upgrade the attractiveness and looks of a house to a great extent. It is important to ensure that they all have the same length, which will give the field a uniform appearance. We make sure that stray grass doesn’t threaten the look of the garden either. Grass cutting can become soon transform into a tedious and time-consuming process. Our staff will take care of everything, from lawn feeding to grass edging to trimming. Our craftsmen will analyze, strategize, and deliver the lawn that you’ve always dreamt of.


Weeding requires you to be patient and aware of different types of weeds that could have an adverse effect on your health or your plant’s health. The trick for wiping them out lies at being consistent in how you carry out weeding procedures in your lawn. Weeds can soon become a dangerous issue and damage a major part of your garden. While you can pull them out on your own, we recommend allowing a gardening service expert to handle such important roles.

Once you have identified and eliminated all weeds from your garden, you can now grow prized plants in your garden and enjoy its benefits without being worried about it being strangulated by weeds. In normal situations, weed tends to absorb a disproportionate share of the soil, sunlight, and water resources, which causes ordinary plants to choke away. Weeding can help you infuse new life into your garden and design it to your liking.


Planting can be a tough ordeal. Unless you’re an expert when it comes to plants or has outsourced the job completely, you may not always be aware of what is required by your garden. You may wind up pairing the wrong trees together, which will only have adverse effects on the overall look of the garden. To make the right choice, you must first determine what you’re seeking with your new plants and order accordingly. Plants are a highly subjective affair with people having widely varying opinions on the same plant.

You can consult our planting experts to learn more about your plants or use the Internet to determine the best course of action for purchasing new plants for your garden in the future. Select the right plants – and you could have your very own Zen garden to relax in. You can also enjoy various ancillary benefits that come from growing plants in your garden.


This happens when the tree has grown too big, which causes it to block ample sunshine and heat from reaching the shrubs underneath it. As a result, it can lead to the plants in their shade withering away. In order to prevent this, tree pruning measures can be implemented, in which our experts will remove the parts of the tree that had been blocking the shrub underneath it. Pruning is done only due to an immediate requirement or to save the trees from certain death. It can help fruits and flowers grow on the trees again and aid them in recovering from diseases.

Pruning can help reverse the damage suffered by the shrubs underneath it. It can ensure that sunlight hits the shrubs properly without any intermediary blockage.

Leaf blowing

Tired of leaves piling up on your doorstep during the autumn? Well, it’s time to give Blackheath Tree Surgeons a call. Our well-equipped staff members are more than qualified to ensure that your garden is free of dry, withered leaves and make sure that your garden isn’t littered by them. It’s even a little bit for fun, to be honest. Instead of letting the leaves come back to your garden and plaguing your life again, you could use the leaf blower for removing the litter from your lawn. 

Tree Trimming

If you’re looking to beautify your garden by ensuring that its aesthetics are of top quality, tree trimming is the way to go! You can hire tree trimming experts, like Blackheath Tree Surgeons, for completing this task in a quick and easy manner. Tree trimming is incredibly important, especially if you’re trying to ensure that your garden looks beautiful with it. However, shrubs may also grow excessively if you don’t control their rapid growth. A gardener may need to tend to it every once in awhile, to ensure that this is not the case.  Tree trimming is all about looks, to put it simply. You can use our services to design your garden in an attractive manner that reflects you and your personality and implement the design as well.

When you find yourself in need of these services and desperately require our attention for certain online tasks, you can count on us for reliable, cost-effective services that deliver what we promise. The gardening services from Blackheath Tree Surgeons are unbeatable in almost every regard.

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